Game Overview

Welcome to PitLaneManager!

Pit Lane Manager is a Fantasy Racing game which puts you in charge of an International Racing Team. Currently you can play a Formula 1 game or a MotoGP game. You are given an opening budget to spend on your starting team, and from there, as your team earns points, you will also earn money which you can use to trade up parts of your team.

To begin playing, select your starting team. Your team must consist of 2 drivers, a chassis and an engine. You cannot exceed the budget for your team.

Next, follow the real race results for your competition's 2015 season. Your driver, chassis and engine choices will earn you points depending on where they finish during the actual 2015 races. When your drivers finish races, you will earn bonus money towards your budget. If any of your selections finish in the top 10 for qualifying, or the top 12 for the race, you will earn points, which will also earn you more money

As you earn more money, you will be able to switch any parts of your team for something better, but when you do, then a 'cancellation clause' in your season contract means that you will be charged 10% of the item you are dropping, so choose your moves carefully! The more points you win and money you earn, the better the team you can afford, eventually going on to win the PitLaneManager Championship Title!

Help on the site

The tabs above give you all the information you need to play.

Your team's home page contains the information on your team, your points, and how many time you have come first in a race weekend.

Your points history shows you all the points you have scored and bonus money you have earned.

This is the 'garage', where you can select and upgrade your team.

The calendar shows you all the races for the year, to help you plan your season.

The league page shows you exactly where you are in the championship and who are your main rivals.

Help in playing the games

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